Hot air station ATTEN 8586

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Design anti-static, the hot air station, soldering station portfolio, digital color display, the two can be used independently without disturbing each other, with breakdowns auto-test and screen their information in order to stimulate and guide the maintenance staff.

Use closed loop control of the sensoreCPUdi, 128di class and precision of control of the flow of gas at high, rapid heating, the accuracy and thermal stability, vortices of wind soft safe dissaldareQFP, PLCC, SOP, BGAe other sensitive components of temperature.

Welding station handle special light, suitable for prolonged use, particularly suitable aSMDmano placement of repair, and general-line components of welding and other various technological components by welding requirements.

Hot air station automatic intelligent cooling system, the work is completed the 'air after the delay, the temperature of the air sotto100 automatically cut off power. They are imported long life heating of materials and processing technology, assembled in high power heating element, long life.

Technical parameters:


Rated voltage: AC220V + -10% 50Hz

Total power: 750W (max)

Working environment :0-40 ° Relative humidity: <80%

Working temperature: -20-80 °

Hot air gun

Operating voltage: AC220V + -10% 50Hz

Power output: 700W

Operating temperature: 100 ° -500 °

Temperature Stability: + -5 °

Air flow: 120L/min (max)

Welding station components:

Operating Voltage: AC26V 50Hz

Output Power: 50W


Complete with nozzle.